Driving Innovation Intelligence

While innovation lays the bedrock for differentiation and business success, the area of innovation is relatively lesser served by technology and decision support solutions. We recognize this critical gap. Our innovation intelligence products address the shortcomings in the different stages of the innovation lifecycle and make it more efficient and informed. We do this by leveraging the power of Deep Learning, AI / ML and our unique techniques. Minimize Risks to Innovation through Proactive, Collective and Informed Decisions

Future proof your Innovation Strategy

AIRA (Automated Intelligent Research Assistant) aims to mitigate the risks to the business & innovation strategy of organizations by facilitating proactive decisions powered by AI enabled insights.

  • At the core of AIRA is its capability to unearth weak signals - early indicators or emerging trends in the global business / technology space.
  • AIRA can perform weak signal monitoring in a continuous manner
  • AIRA thus serves as an ever-alert competitor radar keeping you abreast of ever evolving competitor and technology landscape.

This enables companies to be better prepared to tackle the uncertainties of the dynamic global market.

AIRA's unique sourcing engine captures the most relevant business and technology information that are relevant to your area of interest, continuously from world-wide information sources.

AIRA's Area of Interest Model and Relevance Ranking Engine enables efficient discovery of relevant content

Key Features
  • Scope of

    Inventive patent pending techniques to enable the users to define their analysis scope or areas of interest in a unique and comprehensive way

  • 360°?

    Extended coverage of analysis that goes beyond patents to include multiple content types from various sources to extract Technology and Business Insights

  • Efficient

    Capability to sift through thousands of documents for relevance, leveraging multiple AI enabled levers for efficient discovery

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Unique "On the Fly Database" approach of sourcing data just prior to analysis and thus serve as a "Competitor Radar" watching out for events of interest

Bridge the Silos in your Competitor Strategy

CURATUS brings together multiple stakeholders involved in competitor decisions including Attorneys, Analysts, Technologists etc. and enables actionable insights by facilitating seamless collaborative review of curated Patents and Non-Patent Literature.

  • At the core of CURATUS is an Active Centralized Repository designed to organize and Enrich Curated set of Patents, Non-Patent Literature and Market Updates
  • CURATUS preserves the context and history of the review and analysis of the curated documents
  • CURATUS can thus serve as a company knowledge base with documents and expert commentaries that are relevant to their areas of interest

CURATUS is source agonistic and can be used with patent databases of your choice.

Review Center & Email alerts adds efficiency to the overall collaboration process.

Role-based access, private reviews and secure sand-boxes balance between org level visibility & departmental privacy.

Key Features
  • Centralized Repository

    Upload curated patents and keep them refreshed from patent aggregators such as Espacenet.

  • Active Enrichment of Patents

    Upload curated patents and keep them refreshed from patent aggregators such as Espacenet.

  • Role
    Based Access

    Better management and control of the workflows with differentiated user access (e.g. IP Analysts vs. Attorneys & Technologists)

  • Watchlist
    & Alerts

    Attend to the relevant curated data coming into the system, which are in the areas of interest

  • Market

    Augment the Technology & Competitor Insights from Patents, with curated News feeds and updates

Find answers to complex Bio-Med Questions

Through AIRA Med, we offer a Platform + Services model, to deliver In Silico Services, leveraging the power of AI and Analytics.

This address a variety of drug research problems including,

  • ADMET screening for a Molecule
  • Development of a Repurposing Strategy & Portfolio
  • Target ranking for a Disease / Generation of lead targets
  • Route Scouting / Generation of lead molecules
  • Predictions of specific properties and capabilities based on the past inhouse research data and custom analysis

AIRA Med offerings focus on delivering transparent and explainable AI outcomes

Capability to source and manage bio med data from multiple sources

Bag of Algorithms for Parameter Prediction, Toxicity Profiling and Systemic Availability Profiling of Small Molecules

BioMed Knowledge Graph that is built iteratively as we solve more problems


AI Enable your
Enterprise with
Custom Solutions

Let our AI prowess add to your Competitive Edge

Leverage the power of AI to take timely decisions and effective interventions to improve your competitive advantage.

Combine the power of our innovations and the advancements in the Big Data Technology, Analytics, Machine Learning & AI to manage, massive and complex data efficiently and extract valuable insights from the same.

We will work with you through the entire lifecycle of your custom AI solution, right from problem definition to solution conceptualization to prototyping to development and successful delivery. Irrespective of the type of end deliverable, be it a report of curated insights or a self service decision support solution or a platform that guides you with the right recommendations, we can be your partner of choice for your AI adoption journey.

Our AI Solutions solutions span multiple business domains and add value to their primary areas of concern.

  • Pharma
    Out of Specification (OOS) Analysis

    OOS Analysis Solution is a critical enabler for any quality centric organization that aims at improving the efficacy of their quality processes and their credibility. It leverages AI's capability to perform deep analysis of textual information to extract actionable insights from the same.

    AI powered Out of Specification (OOS) Analysis Solution enables deep analysis of OOS data, extraction of Root Causes from them and their classifications by areas of accountabilities.

    The Solution directly contributes towards, improvement of Quality Data, Targeted Interventions for Quality Improvement which leads to reduction of Invalidated OOS

    Case Study
  • Finance
    Digital Behaviour Analysis

    Businesses around the globe are adopting Digital as their primary channel of operation / customer interaction, and this exposes them to newer opportunities and challenges. This calls for advanced capabilities like digital behaviour analysis of the online clients, for better risk management.

    Digital Behaviour Analysis offers a framework to non intrusively and seamlessly collect, store and process the interaction events of the user. This trail of interaction patterns can be used to predict user intention and motivation.

    This solution thus opens up a new opportunity to predict the user intention and manage the risks, if any, in a non intrusive manner.

  • Pharma
    Deviation Similarity Search

    Quality centric organizations - like pharma companies, look out for opportunities to reduce the Deviations by targeted Corrective and Preventive Actions. Even with this Deviations do recur. While recurrence of Deviations highlights ineffective CAPA, information about the past similar Deviations gives an opportunity to address the recent Deviation in an informed way.

    AI based Deviations Similarity Search solution performs a similarity analysis of the Deviation records, which gives an accurate view into the recurrence of Deviations.

    This will enable better CAPA effectiveness and thereby improved quality processes and end product quality.

  • Pharma
    In Silico Services

    Pharma majors are actively exploring opportunities to drive efficient and cost effective innovation. With loads of valuable and relevant drug related information available publicly, AI driven models can be leveraged for this.

    Our In Silico Analysis offerings aims at finding answers to complex Bio Med questions related to drug research, in an effective way. We leverage the capabilities of our AIRA Med Platform towards this.

    This facilitates ADMET screening for molecules, Development of a Repurposing Strategy & Portfolio, Target ranking for a Disease, Route Scouting and Predictions of specific properties and capabilities of molecules.

  • Auto
    EV - Competitor Watch

    With a global trend that is pushing consumers away from fossil fuels, auto companies and their ancillaries are moving towards electromobility. This space is seeing some tectonic shifts, with new technology adoptions and dynamic business relationships and the stakeholders need to be up to date on these developments.

    The EV Competitor Watch offering leveraged AIRA and its unique Insight Explorer to mine out the emerging business and technology events in the electromobility space.

    The insights offered regarding the recent developments in the EV space can help the Auto and their ancillary businesses to manage their investments well.

  • Chemical
    Material Property Prediction

    Material Science research involves a series of research activities performed by R&D teams manually to observe and measure the properties of the individual molecules and their combinations

    Material Property Solution aims at leveraging advanced analytics and AI Models to extract and predict the properties of the molecules and combinations from information available in the inhouse research data as well as public information.

    This will help the R&D teams to identify better molecules and combinations and thus accelerate their R&D activities

Accelerate your business through innovative use of technology

Let us take care of your technology challenges

Leverage our rich experience and leadership in rolling out innovative products and platforms.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Hit the market faster. Let us be your partner of choice and take advantage of our learnings and technology accelerators.

With a client base ranging from a Big 4 to a silicon valley start-up, we have added value to a diverse set of organizations and solution concepts. The services offered range from Architecture Consulting to Prototyping to End to End Solution Development & Hosting across multiple Domains and Technologies.

About Us

We are an AI Product & Solutions company founded with the vision of revolutionizing how companies innovate and how efficiently these innovations can be taken to the market.

While our AI centric product AIRA helps our innovative clients improve the efficiency of their research, our AI solutions help our clients to adopt AI effectively into their operational fabric to automate activities requiring human intelligence and reasoning.

We are committed to building a winning organization and strongly believe the course of success can only be charted by a peerless workforce. As a team we exhibit and value a culture of leadership, collaboration and performance.


Ownership and a fearless getting things done attitude


Teamwork, openness and complementing each other's strengths


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Case Study

Global Pharma Company brings down their Rate of Invalidated OOS


A global pharmaceutical company with a major focus in the development and manufacture of IP-led niche finished dosage formulations.


As part of its quality improvement strategy, the company was interested in bringing down the Rate of IOOS (Invalidated Out of Specification).


BigInfo Labs implemented the AI enabled OOS Analysis Solution with real time integration with the companies Quality OOS Management / OOS Tracking System

This was delivered as a hosted solution with API enabled integration.

BigInfo Labs OOS Analysis Solution's automated Root Cause Extraction & Classification engine performed real time analysis of the OOS Records and alerted the Analysts over email.

VALUE DELIVERED Value to the Analysts Analysts used the real time validation capability of the solution to review the of "Clarity" of their Comments and "Accuracy" of their Classifications This served as a real enabler for the Analysts and facilitated the onboarding of new Analysts Value to OOS Data Quality The real time validation of Analyst's comments and template validations ensured "Clarity, Accuracy & Completeness" of the Comments This ensured better OOS data quality Value to Quality Improvement Analyst enablement and improved OOS Data quality have supported and contributed to the overall quality initiatives at the pharma company The company observed a drastic reduction in the IOOS (42% reduction)