BigInfo Labs’ patented technology and its Amberview Suite of cloud solutions extract the most relevant and actionable insights from any combination of internal enterprise data, external commercial, scientific and engineering data and social media.

Global leaders use Amberview cloud solutions to improve their business outcomes from Innovation to Delivery

Amberview – IP Intellectual Property Insights: Beyond Patent Databases & Keyword Searches
  • Go Beyond Patent Databases
  • Track Weak and Strong Signals
  • Analyse by Concepts & Competition
  • Monitor Continously
  • Get Insights Throughout the IP Lifecycle
Amberview – Value Chain Supply Chain Insights : Risk Based Supply Chain Management & Beyond ERP Intelligence
  • Drive Product Centric Analysis
  • Accommodate Multiple Perspectives
  • Prioritize Based on Business Outcomes
  • Enable Risk Based Management
  • Facilitate Optimal, On-Time Actions
Amberview – Clinical Trials Clinical Trial Insights: Holistic & Predictive Approach for Informed & Proactive Decisions
  • Drive Risk Based Clinical Trial Monitoring
  • Ensure Efficiency, Safety & Compliance
  • Improve Pharma Value Chain Visibility
  • Enable Quality Healthcare
  • Facilitate a Lean Value Chain

Our customers drive efficient & informed decisions through:

  • Clear prioritization of risk and relevance
  • Task specific contextual insights
  • Insight from surface web, deep web and dark web: beyond the reach of standard search engines